Understanding the Value of Supply Chain Expertise

Supply chain has been a major conversation in the automotive industry in 2021, especially as vehicle orders and auto production has been thrown into limbo due to factory shutdowns and parts shortages.

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to make it safer for businesses to work at a fuller capacity, your customer demand is bound to increase, with or without the parts you need to get the job done.

It’s easy to feel lost or confused through it all, especially without the resources on-hand to understand what’s going on. That’s why it’s important to invest in your vehicle supply chain strategy today, to better manage your fleet strategy of tomorrow.

Approaching supply chain as an investment is a three-part process that takes you from initial decisions to on-the-road results, focusing on the Buy, Design, and Deliver elements of your vehicle purchasing.

Your initial purchase helps determine every element of your investment, including your driver strategy, maintenance schedule, and remarketing opportunities. Focusing on the “buy” aspect of your fleet requires help from a variety of professionals, focusing on:

  • Repair and/or replace opportunities
  • Ordering and purchasing based on OEM conditions and relationships
  • Funding and purchasing potential for your business
  • Capital forecasting
  • Insurance planning

You need an individualized approach to buying so that you can build the best strategy for your operations. ARI’s strategic analysts focus on the industry every day, and are able to study your fleet and your company to work with OEMs, funding specialists, and insurance organizations to plan your first step.

The vehicles in your fleet are an integral part of the job. Sure, they get your drivers where they need to go, but more than that, your vehicles are working members of the team, helping literally drive operations every day. So when it comes to vehicle design, upfits, and installations, you need to make sure you have the best tools for your business, available when you need them.

ARI partners with some of the leading upfit and installation companies globally, so that we are able to ensure optimal upfit designs for each of our fleets, with materials and designs that work for the jobs they are tasked with. Once we’ve locked in the design, your ARI specialist works with you to make sure that parts are delivered without delay or unnecessary costs.

From there, we work with our upfit network to ensure a seamless installation process. It’s all part of a process that we’ve engineered with the help of our sister companies, Auto Truck Group and Kargo Master, meaning you have exclusive access to the best custom-built vehicles that keep you ahead of the competition in your industry.

So you have the vehicles of your dreams… now how do you get them to work? The global supply chain delivery network is notoriously complicated these days, and can be a serious concern for businesses in need of a work fleet. But if you have the right team by your side you can bypass the headache of supply chain logistics and instead spend your time planning the projects and jobs in your immediate future.

ARI’s supply chain specialists will work with you through the entire delivery process, handling the process to ensure the end of your buying process ends well. That includes:

  • Geographic delivery monitoring and coordinating
  • Real-time status updates and on-time delivery logistics
  • OEM Ship-thru management
  • Finalization of branding and decal details

The goal is to create a fleet management process that is easy to understand. You have enough to worry about as a growing business; juggling multiple companies, vendors and delivery schedules for your vehicles shouldn’t be another hassle. Contact ARI today to figure out your first steps.