Four Essential Components for Controlling Fuel Costs

What’s the secret to achieving more than a million dollars in reduced fuel consumption and savings in just 18 months’ time? An 8,000-unit vocational fleet achieved this goal by implementing these four essential components to controlling fuel costs.

  1. Enforce a Fuel Management Policy – Develop and implement a fuel management policy to give drivers awareness of your company’s expectations for their driving behavior and spending.
  2. Reduce Miles Per Gallon – Focused reporting and analysis help identify the vehicle models, and both the specific vehicles and drivers that are either excelling in miles per gallon or at the bottom of the list, even across different asset groups. Follow up on these finding with targeted action and communications that introduce strategies and best practices for improvement.
  3. Improve Cost Per Gallon – Simple tools and technologies help drivers locate fuel nearby at the lowest cost.
  4. Monitor Fuel Card Use – Attentively watch areas of potential abuse and error, and hold drivers accountable.

ARI’s Cost Certainty, Cost Escalation & Cost Reduction paper offers more valuable information about managing variable costs and mitigating cost escalation.