Holman Enterprises Announces Partnership with Lordstown Motors

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ (July 27, 2020) – Holman Enterprises, a global automotive services organization, today announced a new partnership with Lordstown Motors, an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of all-electric, light-duty fleet vehicles. The strategic partnership will help to introduce the Lordstown Endurance™, the first all-electric commercial pickup truck, to vocational fleet operators across North America.

“For more than nine decades, Holman Enterprises has embraced innovative automotive technology and services on behalf of our customers. We believe Lordstown Motors’ commercial fleet strategy is a major step forward for the industry as a growing number of organizations look to integrate electric vehicles into their fleet operations,” said Chris Conroy, president and CEO, Holman Business Services. “The Endurance has the potential to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits to vocational fleet operators and we’re excited to help introduce the versatile pickup truck to this segment of the industry.”

Through this partnership, ARI, Holman Enterprises’ industry-leading fleet management division, will provide fleet management services, including vehicle supply chain logistics, for the Endurance on behalf of their customers. Additionally, Auto Truck Group, Holman Enterprises’ work truck upfitting and manufacturing company, will provide the design, manufacturing, and installation of specialized equipment and upfit for the Endurance to help customize the vehicle for a wide-range of commercial applications.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership and to work closely with Chris and the entire team at Holman Enterprises to provide the Endurance and its drivers with what we’ve designed to be the safest, most economical, and greenest pickup truck to ever hit the road,” said Lordstown CEO Steve Burns. “With the 75 MPG equivalent, there are no fuel costs, and with drastically fewer move parts than a traditional drivetrain, the Endurance is virtually maintenance-free, delivering a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to typical pickup trucks.”

“The EV space and the future of e-mobility has been a top strategic priority for Holman Enterprises for several years now and this partnership with Lordstown Motors is an exciting opportunity to further grow and strengthen our automotive core competencies in this segment of the industry,” said Conroy.

For additional information about Holman Enterprises, please visit HolmanEnterprises.com. To learn more about Lordstown Motors and the Lordstown Endurance, visit LordstownMotors.com.