3 Tips for Tire Tread Tenacity

Tires are often a fleet’s second largest expense, only outdone in cost by fuel.

ARI’s Chris Foster, manager of fleet management services, and Vince Boldrini, supervisor of TruckServe, recently contributed to a Supply Professional article, Tread Tips, sharing several best practice recommendations for fleet operators.  Along with other fleet tire experts, they offer tips for controlling fleet costs related to tires, including

  1. Choosing the correct tire for the application and purchasing through a national account vendor that offers consistent volume pricing.

“Partnering with a national account vendor who provides coverage that aligns with your operating footprint allows you to take advantage of volume pricing and also ensures consistent pricing across the board, eliminating the need to monitor each individual transaction, “Foster says.

  1. Maintaining the tires by regularly checking the tire pressure and addressing them during maintenance for tire depth, damage and wheel alignment
  2. Establishing a tire policy that stipulates brands, vendors, maintenance requirements and replacement indicators.

Read the full article here: https://www.supplypro.ca/features/tread-tips/