5 Key Trends Poised to Impact Utility Fleet Operators

How are you powering your fleet?

For many organizations, the vehicles in your fleet are much more than simply “cars and trucks;” often they’re sophisticated tools your frontline employees need to keep your business moving forward. And for utility fleet operators, this sentiment is especially true, as these companies rely on their fleet vehicles to ensure they’re able to provide essential services to customers around the clock.

With an eye towards the emerging trends on the horizon, ARI’s Charlie Guthro recently spoke with Utility Fleet Professional to highlight several of the key trends utility fleets should be monitoring closely to ensure you remain in position to maximize service delivery to your customers. In the article, Charlie highlights how telematics will continue to fuel data-driven decisions for the foreseeable future.

Through telematics, you can more precisely define maintenance intervals, and that’s significant to cost [control]. You are moving more toward predict/prevent, which is a savings opportunity, and you minimize those catastrophic failures.

In terms of the more immediate future, Charlie offers some advice for utility fleet operators as the industry approaches a truly unprecedented ordering cycle amidst ongoing supply constraints.

The only way to be at the front of the line is to get your orders in as early as possible. Fleets took an ordering hiatus because of COVID and tried to conserve their capital. They understood that’s not a long-term sustainable solution, so they’re back in, but now they can’t get the vehicles.

The article also touches on a looming technician shortage, the growing number of companies now outsourcing the management of their fleet, and the increasing interest in electric and hybrid vehicles across the industry.

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