Aftermarket or OEM Replacement Parts: What Is Right for Your Fleet?

It can be hard to determine whether you should choose aftermarket or OEM parts when you need to make a repair on a vehicle. An article published by Utility Fleet Professional on May 19, 2016 highlighted what fleet managers need to consider when seeking out replacement parts.

ARI’s Charlie Guthro, vice president of operations for ARI, emphasized the need to consider any existing warranties. “When faced with the decision of needing to replace a part, fleets should consider whether there is the potential to recover any of the cost under the terms of any existing warranties. Generally, warranties are only available on OEM parts.”

He also advised fleets to give ample consideration to the safety of aftermarket parts. “While aftermarket parts can often offer the greatest value, fleet managers should check to be sure the parts do not affect the safe operation of the vehicle or other upfit parts.”

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