An outlook on the growing adoption of electric vehicles

As utility companies evaluate alternative fuel vehicle opportunities, strategic fleet partners play an important role in quantifying the necessary investment and potential value. ARI’s Joe Korn, a specialist in truck specifications and alternative fuel vehicles, was recently featured by Utility Fleet Professional in an article about best practices for adopting EVs.

“There’s been a lot of interest from companies on how to incorporate electric vehicles and other alternative fuels into their fleet,” Korn said.

With the proper fuel type and infrastructure investment, companies can reduce cost and fossil fuel emissions in the long-term.

Korn also offers honest perspective on plausibility for EVs based on vehicle types:

  • EVs are most beneficial for vehicles under 10,000 pounds GVWR
  • Class 3-6 EV units are possible in certain applications
  • Class 4 and above will take more time, but it is possible within the next five years

The one thing Korn sees as holding back fleets from faster adoption rates: the cost of electric batteries. To learn more, read the full article: Where Sustainability Meets Service: Finding the Right Fit for EVs in Utility Fleets

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