Analytics Strategy is Key to Solving Business Challenges

“You can drown in this stuff. All this information comes back very quickly, and what we need to do is to combine that data with all the other empirical data that we manage to gain a better understanding of how the asset is used so we can align recommendations to our customers’ objectives.”

That is ARI’s Director of Enterprise Architecture Bill Powell discussing how ARI uses leading-edge technology to transform data into actionable information that helps solve business challenges. The volume of data a typical fleet produces offers a wealth of potential but effectively managing it to make it possible to gain insight into operational trends can quickly become a daunting task.

In a recent interview with TechTarget, Powell details ARI’s partnership with SAP and how the SAP HANA platform helps to drive our comprehensive analytics strategy. This technology along with our proprietary fleet management platform ARI insights® empowers ARI and our customers to get answers to complex business questions in seconds rather than hours, helping to predict outcomes and ultimately prevent issues.

Read the entire interview with Bill Powell and watch our Executive Roundtable video series to learn more about how ARI is harnessing the power of Big Data.