ARI and SAP’s Digitalist Magazine Examine How Connected Vehicles are Shifting Fleet Management Strategies

Throughout the automotive industry, the technology behind autonomous vehicles continues to generate headlines but for fleets, connected vehicles, IoT technologies and advanced data analytics are the true drivers of innovation. In a recent article published by SAP’s Digitalist, a panel of ARI experts discusses how connectivity and data are quickly becoming the foundation of modern fleet management.

The article, How IoT and Connected Vehicles are Redefining Fleet Management, offers a look at how connected vehicles are key to helping fleets make more educated business decisions by providing greater visibility to the two main components of any fleet – the vehicle and the driver.

ARI’s Majk Strika, managing director, Europe, and Bill Powell, director of enterprise architecture, highlight how telematics devices and advanced data analytics help to translate the millions of data points a fleet generates on a daily basis into actionable fleet management strategies. The article continues with Mark Bryan, senior vice president, European operations, offering his perspective on the potential these technologies offer from a driver management standpoint.

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