ARI Announces “Ringman of Distinction” Award Recipients

MT. LAUREL, NJ (March 20, 2014): ARI®, a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, proudly announces two recipients of their “Ringman of Distinction” award, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of ringmen at various vehicle auctions. The recipients are Art Mecias of Adesa Los Angeles Auto Auction and Zach Massey of ABC Birmingham Auto Auction.

ARI partners with several auction outlets throughout North America to maximize potential sales opportunities for clients’ vehicles. While auctioneers control the sale of a vehicle, ringmen support them by spotting and identifying bids, signaling them to the auctioneer and helping to put sales together.

“The ringman is integral to the sales process and is invaluable in netting the highest possible returns for our clients,” says Bob Graham, ARI vice president of vehicle remarketing.

To recognize the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of the winners, ARI remarketers traveled to the respective auctions and presented the awards live in the auction lanes. “Every week, we see first-hand how special Art and Zach are,” says Graham. “They are both clearly passionate and persistent and have made a tremendous impact for our clients.”

During the award presentations to Zach and Art, the network of buyers they serve every week cheered and applauded at their achievement. The awards given to Art and Zach follow a recent trend from ARI in recognizing auctioneers and now ringmen who deliver exceptional performance every week.