ARI: Driving Results in Fleet Management on SAP HANA®

ARI was recently featured in a case study conducted by SAP. The case study describes how ARI is leveraging SAP HANA, an innovative in-memory tool, to deliver first class reporting capabilities and customer service to its clients. According to Bill Powell, director of Information Systems for ARI, with SAP HANA, “a year-end activities report used for business planning that once took more than 24 hours to run now can be completed in just 3 or 4 seconds.”

ARI can also perform cost analysis and benchmarking in a matter of seconds – enabling customers to reduce their costs and gain greater fleet efficiencies. Tony Candeloro, ARI’s vice president of product development said, “The transformation of our data environment was as much about enabling innovative new solutions for our customers as it was about bringing existing services into the real-time world.”

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