ARI Fleet UK helps Home Retail Group Save £400,000 on Maintenance

A recent article published in FleetNews highlights how Home Retail Group achieved a cost savings of £400,000 in 2012.  ARI Fleet UK has managed the maintenance for the Home Retail Group fleet for the past 18 years.  Peter Weston, transport manager for Home Retail Group notes, “Today, vehicle reliability is excellent so maintenance costs are easy to predict. A good partner such as ARI will grip and control costs and always continuously inform and advise by trend tracking.”

The imminent roll-out of a range of highly sophisticated analytical tools by ARI Fleet UK to clients, which include Home Retail Group, is anticipated to provide additional opportunities for even more savings opportunities to be identified.

Mark Bryan, managing director at ARI Fleet UK, said, “Data is interpreted and reports are available instantly on a customer’s computer dashboard. Data processing that used to take seven-and-a-half hours can be done in mere seconds.” Having quick access to their fleet’s information enables fleet operators to easily identify areas of cost and build a predictive analysis of potential future areas of expenditure. As a result, a range of targeted initiatives can be introduced to drive down identified cost areas.

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