ARI Fleet UK Takes Home Technology Award at The Fleet World Honours

ARI was awarded with the technology award at the 2013 Fleet World Honours, for ARIanalyticsTM, its in-memory predictive analysis tool. The judging panel is chaired by Steve Moody, Editor of Fleet World, and includes John Kendall, Alex Grant, Natalie Wallis, Dan Gilkes and Ross Durkin from the Fleet World editorial team.

Van Fleet World Editor, John Kendall, said: “Fleet managers rely on advanced technology to provide the information on which informed decisions can be made. In the case of ARI’s latest product – ARIanalyticsTM – it’s not only advanced but also extremely fast too. Technology is a major differentiator for ARI – the company has its own technology laboratory in North America – and the company’s proven track record of being the first to market with the latest new technology is increasingly attracting the attention of major UK van fleet operators. More information means more informed decisions, while faster delivery means less time is required to reach conclusions. With these resources at its disposal, ARI Fleet looks poised to become a major player in the UK fleet management sector.”