ARI Fleet UK Warns of the True Cost of Driver Tire Negligence

Last year, ARI Fleet UK replaced a total of 33,861 tires on vehicles under its management. Although more than 20,000 tires (59.47 percent) were replaced as a result of ‘normal wear and tear’ and more than 5,200 (15.64 percent) were replaced due to unrepairable punctures, a total of 8,429 tires (24.89 percent) were replaced due to “damage,” including damage resulting from under or over-inflation and blowouts.

Richard Minshull, ARI Fleet UK’s head of operations said, “Industry surveys keep telling us, as do our customers, that cost control is their number one priority. However, the biggest cost facing companies is drivers and too often managers and directors are failing to implement measures to manage them effectively. This then translates into driver abuse of vehicles of which tires is one of the most obvious examples.”

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