ARI Launches ARI SustainableWorks

ARI announced the launch of ARI SustainableWorks™, a consulting service designed to help organizations configure best-in-class fleets supported by clean, efficient and cost-effective fleet solutions.

ARI SustainableWorks is designed to help clients develop and implement forward-thinking sustainable strategies that are tailored to each fleet’s unique objectives, needs and operating characteristics. A team of industry-leading consultants is at the core of this new service, which is dedicated to helping fleets optimize operations by reducing total cost of ownership and enhancing environmental performance.

“Major advancements in vehicle technology, communication systems and analytics capabilities give fleet managers more opportunities than ever before to optimize their fleet operations in a clean and cost-effective manner,” said Brian Matuszewski, manager of sustainable strategies at ARI. “ARI SustainableWorks has been created to simplify this process by providing fleet managers with a single point of contact to define fleet objectives, conduct a comprehensive analysis and deliver a customized solution that includes a complete strategy for successful implementation.”

A key approach for the ARI SustainableWorks consulting team is to examine the entire life cycle of a vehicle fleet in order to determine how best to customize their recommendations and solutions. This includes evaluating fleet utilization, determining how best to strategically implement clean technology vehicles, developing more efficient driver behavior strategies, and conducting comprehensive fleet emissions reporting. ARI’s consultants also use advanced geospatial mapping systems to strategically identify optimal locations in the fleet where the latest technologies are both logistically feasible and cost-effective to implement.

ARI SustainableWorks will serve as a core component of ARI’s corporate sustainability program, fulfilling its commitment to driving clean, efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions for its customers while conducting business as stewards of the environment and champions of employee and community development.