ARI Launches Interactive Video Experience for Fleet Stakeholders

The dynamic video series explores complex business challenges throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle to help viewers maximize their fleet’s revenue-generating capabilities

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ (August 19, 2019) – ARI®, a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, today launched an all-new interactive video experience designed to help fleet stakeholders successfully navigate their complex business challenges. The eight-part video series, highlights how an organization’s fleet investment can influence the company’s overall success, providing insight that allows viewers to maximize their fleet’s revenue-generating potential.

“For most organizations, fleet represents a significant investment but all too often, fleet is viewed as a cost center with a myopic focus on simply containing costs,” said Rick Tousaw, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, ARI. “One of the goals of this video series is to change the lens through which fleet is viewed and help stakeholders solve their real-world business challenges that transcend fleet.”

The interactive video experience at guides viewers on a dynamic journey covering the key lifecycle phases of a fleet vehicle – buy, drive, service, and sell. Along the way, the fleet stakeholder will explore how external factors such as economic trends, evolving technology, and shifts in consumer buying habits may disrupt the way they conduct business, and in turn, alter their fleet strategy.

“With a holistic understanding of your business and the role fleet plays in supporting your key objectives, you can begin to tailor your strategy to focus on how fleet enables your employees to see more clients, conduct more efficient service repairs, or add one more stop to their route each day,” said Tousaw. “It’s about the tangible ways fleet impacts your business. It’s about how your fleet investment helps you overcome complex challenges and makes a meaningful contribution to the success of your organization.”

Throughout the dynamic video experience, viewers will also have access to additional resources such as whitepapers and cost calculators, allowing them to delve deeper into specific topics – cost containment, driver safety, vehicle downtime, capital forecasting, etc. – that resonate with their particular business challenges.

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