ARI Leadership Discusses Trends Impacting North American Fleets with Global Fleet

The future of transportation sits on the cusp of a transformation as the entire automotive industry – and in turn, the fleet management sector – collectively prepares for significant changes on the horizon. Rapidly evolving technology along with emerging trends such as trade tariffs and fundamental shifts in the way organizations conduct business continue to alter the landscape of North American fleet management.

In a recent series of articles, Global Fleet provided an in-depth analysis of the key trends influencing the 2019 North American fleet market and several of ARI’s senior leaders offered their perspective on how organizations can turn these challenges into opportunities for meaningful improvement.

Among the contributors was ARI’s Jesse Mann who shared his insight on why a growing number of companies are embracing leasing as an attractive option for vehicle acquisitions. Mike Bryan also discussed how ARI is monitoring tariff-related news and other economic shifts that may affect our customers to help them minimize the potential impact. Additionally, ARI’s Greg Raven shared best practices for crafting an effective fleet policy that accounts for emerging trends that may influence operations.

ARI’s Ted Davis also examined how various factors such as low fuel prices and shifting consumer buying habits are impacting the market for used vehicles in both Canada and the United States. Specific to the Canadian fleet market, ARI’s Geoff Seeley and Rick Tousaw discussed three current challenges that are of particular interest for fleet operators north of the border.

Finally, ARI’s Executive Vice President and COO Mark Bryan highlighted a few of our top strategic objectives for 2019 and beyond. Mark noted the emphasis ARI is placing on technology and employee engagement as two areas vital to further enhancing the experience of our customers.

Visit Global Fleet to read the series of articles and learn more about how ARI is working to harness other emerging technologies.