ARI President Bob White Shares Passion, Vision for Future with Automotive Fleet

Since being appointed President a few short months ago, Bob White has been committed to sharing his vision for the future of our organization along with his unwavering passion for ARI. Recently, he sat down with Automotive Fleet to discuss his new role and offer his perspective on why ARI is uniquely positioned to help our customers continue to succeed while also preparing for challenges on the horizon.

“I feel extremely fortunate to step into this role, and I’m humbled when I think about the leaders that came before me,” said White. “To represent this company, all of the people and all that we stand for, it’s an honor. From top to bottom, we as an organization are passionate about our business and that passion translates to how we serve our customers.”

When asked about top industry trends, White was quick to emphasis the importance of effectively leveraging Big Data. White noted, “Fleet managers want more than information; they need knowledge and insight to leverage that information. Our role as a fleet management provider is to help customers understand what the key metrics should be and make them easy to understand to empower them to drive meaningful business improvements.”

Visit Automotive Fleet to read the entire interview and be sure to read more about how ARI is embracing the innovation surging through the automotive industry.