ARI Takes a Holistic Approach to Safety and Accidents

The well-being of your drivers and your employees is paramount.

One of the easiest ways to maintain safety across your fleet is through a clear and concise safety plan for drivers to follow and grow with. What are the resources available to help you build a plan that works for your fleet?

ARI’s  Ken Costello and Rich Radi both spoke with Work Truck Online about the new technologies and tools in place to reduce accidents and make safety protocol more accessible for vocational fleets.

Ken explained that vocational fleets and work trucks were known for their early adoption of telematics in the world of fleet management, leading to reductions in accidents and collisions in those fields.

“Many vocational fleets were among the early adopters of telematics technology; therefore, their programs are more mature, influencing their approach to safety and driver behavior management… As a result, they experience fewer incidents of high-risk behavior such as speeding, fast acceleration, harsh braking, etc.,” Ken said.

In the story, Rich highlighted how a driver safety program can lead to serious accident reductions.

“Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, your organization is vulnerable to repercussions that go far beyond just repairing a vehicle if you’re not addressing safety and driver behavior. When you implement a comprehensive driver safety program that proactively identifies and trains your high-risk drivers, you have the potential to reduce your crash rates by 40-60% or more,” said Rich.

Hear more from Ken and Rich at Work Truck Online to learn more about ARI’s modern approach to driver safety and collision reduction. You can also learn more about building a driver safety program by visiting