ARI Takes the Guesswork Out of Vehicle Downtime

When your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, can you accurately calculate the hard and soft costs impacting your budget? It’s one thing to track the repair costs, but what about the lack of productivity while your employee is waiting for the repair to be completed?

In Food & Drink Magazine, ARI’s director of information technology Don Woods discusses how ARI uses technology to track vehicle downtime. Using GPS monitoring and telematics data, ARI provides maintenance downtime tracking to clients, not only to track how long vehicles are out of service, but also to see where the vehicles are physically located. Fleet personnel are given a bird’s eye view of all assets that are down for repairs and can set parameters to be notified when vehicles are out-of-service past a certain timeframe.

The article also highlights additional ways to decrease downtime, including adhering to recommended preventive schedules and determining the replacement cycle “sweet spot” to remove vehicles before they become too costly. To gain a deeper understanding of how downtime can impact your business, download our free white paper, Managing Downtime & Driver Productivity.