ARI To Create a One-Business Mind-Set with Parent Holman

This past March, Holman Automotive, the parent company of ARI, announced a restructuring that will allow the leadership team to leverage the talent, resources and knowledge across all of the company’s lines of business, which in turn will allow them to become an even more flexible and dynamic organization. Moving forward, the company’s focus will be to build a one-business mindset that serves consumers, businesses, etc. in various markets, industries, countries and regions.


Carl Ortell, now CEO of Holman Automotive.

Automotive Fleet recently interviewed Carl Ortell, now CEO of Holman Automotive, and Chris Conroy, the new president to ARI, to learn more about how these organizational changes will impact the two companies.

AF: What is your road map to develop synergies between the five automotive businesses?

Ortell: While each of our businesses serves a different segment of customers, there is a common thread that ties them all together. Rather than see these businesses and our customers as separate, we are looking to focus on those commonalities.

AF: How will ARI leverage the new Holman Automotive one-business mind-set to further grow its fleet business and enhance its competitive posture in the marketplace?

Conroy: Sharing knowledge, best practices, talent, and resources across all of Holman’s businesses will only serve to bolster ARI and allow us to offer more comprehensive support to our customers. The Holman organization is made up of five complementary businesses with long-tenured and knowledgeable people who are as dedicated to their customers as ARI is. The one-business mind-set will make it easier for ARI to tap into that knowledge and bring it to bear on behalf of our fleet clients.

Short- and long-term goals for both companies, ARI’s plans for European expansion, and the perspective these industries leaders have on market trends and challenges fill this article. To read more, click here.