ARI’s Alexa Pilot Program Highlights Potential Efficiency Gains

In late 2017, ARI launched a pilot program for our integration with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant. The technology allows fleet managers to request and receive a wide-range of fleet data with simple voice commands from any Alexa-enabled device. Now, just a few months later, the pilot program has provided valuable insight into how users typically interact with Alexa, highlighting potential efficiencies for managing a fleet.

During a recent interview with Modern WorkTruck Solutions, ARI’s Director of Client Information Services Don Woods discussed the success of the initial pilot program as well as how the feedback received is helping to shape the roadmap for the full-scale rollout. Woods noted that pilot program users realize the value and efficiencies the platform can deliver and that their feedback has been extremely helpful in demonstrating how people want to engage with ARI and their fleet data.

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