ARI’s Best in Fleet Conference Highlights Value of Strategic Partnerships, Celebrates Client Successes

More than 150 fleet executives attended ARI’s second annual Best in Fleet conference with a focus on new, innovative fleet management strategies and celebrating client successes. The two-day event brought together leaders from throughout the industry to discuss how the latest trends and technologies will shape the future of fleet management.

Fleet Management Weekly recently published a wrap-up of ARI’s 2017 Best in Fleet.

Among the highlights of the conference was a look at how ARI actively engages sister companies Auto Truck Group and Holman Parts Distribution to deliver solutions for complex client challenges. This trio of companies is referred to as Holman Business Services, and the conference showed how this partnership helps customers maximize fleet assets to support core business functions.

The Holman organization is structuring its future to leverage all of its companies’ expertise to deliver more value for its fleet customers. Chris Conroy, President and CEO of Holman Business Services and ARI, noted that all these divisions give ARI clearer focus to optimize clients’ TCO. Stemming from this strategy, ARI is working to develop fleet technologies, such as applications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to harness the power of Big Data.

The conference also featured two panel discussions which included real world fleet success stories. First, a leading oil and gas fleet shared how they achieved fuel and maintenance savings of nearly 10 percent per year. On day two, Mastec Advanced Technologies shared how they are using advanced telematics systems to improve visibility and streamline fleet operations.

In closing the meeting, Holman Enterprises CEO Carl Ortell presented an overview of the rest of the business portfolio of ARI’s 93-year-old parent company which includes 36 dealership covering 17 brands across eight states under the Holman Automotive umbrella as well as a consumer finance division, Steward Financial, and a property and casualty insurance division, Holman Insurance.

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