ARI’s Big Investment in Technology Pays Off for Clients, Company

In a recent interview conducted by Automotive Digest, Gene Welsh, ARI’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, explains how ARI’s investment in technology has benefited our clients. Today, cus­tomers are able to look at all of the data that comes in to ARI in a sim­ple, intu­itive lay­out which they can cus­tomize to suit their pref­er­ences and needs. Welsh notes, “One of the first clients that adopted our new tech­nol­ogy was actu­ally a beta tester for us and was part of our cus­tomer tech­nol­ogy advi­sory group for many years. The cus­tomer had found that it took him a few days, some­times up to a week, on a monthly basis to pro­vide reports to his senior man­age­ment on fleet oper­a­tions. With this new tool – which we call ARI ana­lyt­ics – the time invest­ment he must make in cre­at­ing these reports has been brought down to a mat­ter of hours and it has cre­ated oppor­tu­ni­ties for him to do other work and make bet­ter, more insight­ful rec­om­men­da­tions to his oper­a­tions group now that he has more time.”

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