ARI’s Bill Powell Shares How Big Data Can Help Fleets Increase Profits and Control Costs

Bill Powell, ARI’s director of enterprise architecture, will be appearing and speaking at SAPPHIRE NOW, the annual SAP user’s conference being held May 17-19, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. His interactive session, “Increase Profits and Control Costs with Sound Decisions Based on Fleet Data,” will explore how to transform the vast amounts of data a fleet can return into valuable insights that allow for more informed decisions. Powell will also discuss how making data actionable empowers companies with complex fleets to grow profitability, improve operating efficiency, control costs, and minimize risk.

Powell, a 17-year data and analytics professional, is the director of enterprise architecture for ARI. He is responsible for developing and evolving the company’s global IT system architecture in support of their business strategy. Powell started at ARI in 1991 as an ASE-certified technician in the operational segment of the business and transitioned to IT in 1998 where his team was responsible for expanding ARI’s business intelligence solutions. He was promoted to manager, and subsequently to director of Information Management where his responsibilities expanded to include ARI’s global database platforms and its data integration services. He holds a BS degree in computing and informatics, summa cum laude, from Drexel University.