ARI’s Charlie Guthro to Host Learning Workshop During the ICUEE Expo

ARI will conduct a learning workshop at the upcoming International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky. Scheduled for Tuesday, September 29 at 8:00 am in room C201 of the Kentucky Expo Center and hosted by ARI’s Vice President of North American Fleet Management Charlie Guthro, the session will focus on maintenance best practices for utility fleets to help drive down operating costs and maximize vehicle uptime.

“Many fleet managers struggle to implement new initiatives that drive meaningful change but a comprehensive, well-executed maintenance program can save a utility fleet tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars annually,” said Guthro. “My goal for this workshop is to look at the challenges that utility fleets typically face and discuss the best practices industry leaders use to tackle these issues head-on.”

During the one-hour workshop titled “Best Practices in Utility Fleet Maintenance Management to Reduce Costs & Maximize Uptime,” Guthro will look at the key aspects of an efficient maintenance program and how those best practices can be tailored to help each fleet achieve best-in-class results. The session will also explore critical benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to help measure a program’s effectiveness.

ICUEE, also known as the Demo Expo, is the premier event for utility industry professionals to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovation and trends affecting their industry. The expo takes place from September 29 through October 1. For more information about this year’s expo or to register, please visit