ARI’s Expanding Global Reach

In a recent interview conducted by Automotive Digest, Jim Creighton, ARI’s vice president of global strategic services, offers insight into current trends in the global fleet market and how ARI is expanding to better meet the needs of global fleets.  Creighton notes, “Companies across the globe are being asked to do more with less.  Fleet managers are often being asked to be more strategic and to make sure the company’s fleet is being run as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.”

ARI offers global fleet leasing and management services through an alliance of top tier market leaders under the name Global Fleet Services or GFS, and according to Creighton, business is as robust as ever. Creighton points to significant growth in South America, specifically in Brazil and Colombia.  ARI partner ORIX is also experiencing a great deal of growth in India, China and Australia. Creighton said, “We are constantly expanding our support for our global alliance within ARI, and have added staff both in Europe and at our global headquarters in New Jersey to support our global alliance partners. And again, from a perspective of integration and learning, we are making sure that more and more areas within the company understand what our partners’ goals and aspirations are around the world and how we can support that.”
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