ARI’s New App Allows Drivers to Manage Vehicle Usage and Maintenance from the Road

ARI Driver insights® is available for iPhone and iPad.

Drivers are always on the road, so why should they need a computer to access their vehicle information?

ARI®, a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets with more than one million vehicles North America, the U.K. and Europe, has made it exponentially more convenient for drivers to access vital information about their fleet vehicle with the launch of the new ARI Driver insights® app.

Available for iPhones and iPads, the app enables drivers to monitor their vehicle’s information and will send important updates to the driver through push notifications.

“Real-time notifications inform drivers of important events like overdue preventive maintenance, which we expect will spark drivers to take action sooner, extending the life of a vehicle and reducing its total cost of ownership,” said Tony Candeloro, vice president of product development and client information services.

The app allows drivers to manage vehicle maintenance and usage, check for upcoming service that may be due, and input their monthly business and personal mileage to ensure proper tax reporting.

Current ARI customers can access the ARI Driver insights app through the Apple App Store by searching “ARI driver.” A version for Android will be introduced by the end of the year.

Drivers can use the same log-in credentials they use with their ARI Driver insights account. Once logged in, drivers will be greeted with a dashboard of their vehicle, showing its image and description, notifications, driver score, fuel, operating expenses, the last shop visited, and odometers.

By tapping “Notifications,” drivers can see when the vehicle is due for preventive maintenance and other services. “Last Shop Visited” is connected to Google Maps, so directions are easily accessible. Drivers can call the shop directly with another tap.

The ARI Driver insights app also includes digital maintenance coupons, which can be emailed to the vendor directly from the app. This feature is linked to location services, so if the shop is found by the app, the email address will be automatically populated and can be sent with just one tap.

“We designed the ARI Driver insights app to be a convenient and simple way for drivers to stay on top of their vehicle maintenance on the mobile device they carry around with them everywhere they go,” Candeloro said. “When tasks are easier, they’re more likely to be completed. And when it comes to preventive maintenance, that’s of utmost importance to the health of a fleet.”

To learn more about the ARI Driver insights app, contact ARI today.