ARI’s Rob Hill Discusses Maximizing Efficiencies for Global Fleet Spend

Rob Hill, Multinational Business Development Liaison for ARI, discusses current global fleet management trends and how one of the biggest trends has remain the same for over a decade, in the recent video posted by Fleet Management Weekly, “Maximizing Efficiency for Global Fleets.”

Generally, global fleet trends are driven by sourcing groups that look to reduce the indirect spend category that the fleet program falls under. “From what I’ve been seeing over the last thirteen years, global trends have basically stayed the same; which is attempting to maximize efficiencies around global fleet spend,” said Hill. “The other trend we are seeing is that it’s actually very difficult to implement efficiencies that reduce spend”

As fleet decision makers attempt to move in this direction, they are struggling to find meaningful results. “There really is no one global supplier,” said Hill. “The largest global fleet supplier services up to 40 countries with partnerships in up to 60 countries; while many global customers have fleets in up to 120 countries.” Hill also emphasized that the gap between these figures makes it difficult to find efficiencies that decrease the global spend category.

You can watch the video here.