ARI’s Romy Bria Discusses Key Elements of a Successful Accident Management Program

Romy Bria, Director of Fleet Management Services for ARI, was recently featured in an article published by Fleet Financials, “Best Practices of an Accident Management Program.”

In the post, Bria provides several key elements that should make up a powerful accident management program. Starting with the most important piece, assessing subrogation otherwise referred to as the loss recovery process. “Loss recovery, or subrogation, is an important part of any comprehensive accident management program — but it also challenging. It involves diligently following through on a series of important steps to make sure a claim is successful” said Bria.

Along with subrogation, accident management programs must have a deep understanding of the repair process, which includes plans on getting the drivers back to work as soon as possible. “In some cases you can not only make a claim for the cost of the repair and any fees you may have incurred while the damaged vehicle was in the shop, you can also demand reimbursement for loss of use,” said Bria.

He also attested to the usefulness using telematics data to reinforce the accident management program. “Having the ability to evaluate and benchmark your drivers, as well as watch for risky behavior or possible infractions of your safety policy can go a long way towards supporting a comprehensive accident management program.”

Bria noted a case involving a telecommunications company in which ARI was able to show the value of the damaged unit as well as the impact of the downtime on the overall business. This resulted in a recovery rate of 152 percent of the costs of the actual damage.

You can read the full post here.