ARI’s Sustainable Strategies Manager Brian Matuszewski Considers What Makes a Fleet “World Class”

In his latest blog for Fleet Management Weekly, ARI’s Sustainable Strategies Manager Brian Matuszewski emphasizes that “world-class” fleets often share one characteristic in common:  a firm commitment to driving smarter and cleaner.

Matuszewski explores how strategically developed sustainable initiatives can be key to driving world-class results for a fleet. Matuszewski recommends that fleet managers focus on five critical areas including fleet utilization, vehicle acquisition, telematics, regular maintenance and driver behavior.

Matuszewski goes on to say, “taking a limited view of how to achieve your sustainable goals may lead you to miss opportunities that would improve both your environmental impact and the overall operation of your fleet. Strive for best-in-class practices instead. The likely result will be a better run fleet and a more sustainable fleet as well.”

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