ARI’s Sustainable Strategies Manager Brian Matuszewski Emphasizes: Clean Data Makes a Clean Fleet

In his latest blog for Fleet Management Weekly, “Clean Data, Clean Fleet,” ARI’s Sustainable Strategies Manager Brian Matuszewski emphasizes that data is power and that fleets are no different than any other company looking to harness the power of data. Regardless of your line of business, everyone is looking for better ways to collect data, manage it, and – most important – transform it into useful, actionable information.

He notes that there is perhaps nothing more important a fleet can do to drive world-class results than to be sure the data they are collecting and using to evaluate their performance truly represents their fleet. It should reflect the fleet’s size and composition, as well as the usage and/or driving patterns of the drivers, and that data should be organized in a way that is easy to access and understand. The data should also be current and (this should go without saying) accurate.

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