ARI’s Use of SAP’s Leonardo and HANA Platforms is Transforming Data into Actionable Strategies

Every day, a typical fleet generates millions of data points – telematics data, maintenance records, fuel transactions and more. Processing this volume of data at the speed at which it is generated is virtually impossible without having the proper people, tools and technology in place to make this information valuable. Simply capturing the data isn’t enough. Rather than just endless volumes of information, businesses need insightful knowledge that helps to drive meaningful improvements.

In a recent video published by SAP, a panel of ARI experts discusses how we are leveraging the SAP Leonardo and SAP HANA platforms to harness the power of Big Data to help our clients to identify, predict and even prevent critical business challenges. Our comprehensive data analytics solutions are powered by these innovative SAP platforms, enabling ARI and our clients to translate the millions of data points a fleet generates into tangible action items that improve efficiencies and lower a fleet’s total cost of ownership across the entire vehicle lifecycle.

To watch the video, please visit and to learn more about ARI’s Big Data strategy, click here.