Bill Powell: How Investing in Technology Turbocharged ARI’s Innovation

In a recent Q&A session with Fleet Management Weekly, ARI’s Director of Information Management Bill Powell discusses the roots of ARI’s data analytics roadmap as well as the strategy moving forward.

Five years ago, ARI partnered with SAP to integrate fleet data into SAP’s groundbreaking HANA platform. The goal was to provide real-time access to data that was previously difficult to obtain. As one of the first in the industry to invest in this new technology, ARI realized significant results; generating reports went from a time consuming project that took several hours to a near instantaneous task that delivered results in just a few seconds.

Today, according to Powell, ARI is continuing to push data analytics forward through the use of the ARI Fleet Health Card™ which empowers clients to take action and make smart decisions based on real-time statistical analysis. In the Q&A session, Fleet Management Weekly also asks Powell his thoughts on the data analytics trends affecting fleets in the near future as well as the impact of autonomous vehicles to fleet management.

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