Bringing Clarity to Fleet Finance

Organizations around the world find themselves trying to identify the right fleet strategy that will make their vehicles a true business investment. But when fleet management isn’t at the forefront of your business plan, how do you know if you are making the right choice for your company?

Executive Vice President and CFO of Holman Enterprises Chris Hurren shared his perspective on fleet finance in a guest article with The Shelby Report. In his column, Chris discusses the important aspects to consider when developing a fleet investment strategy.

Speaking to The Shelby Report’s retail food trade audience, Chris explains how investment plans, current capital and operational costs can impact a business’ decision to lease or purchase their vehicles. Aligning fleet objectives with your company’s vision and goals can lead to a greater return on investment and a balance sheet that’s easier to manage.

Chris also breaks down the importance of Big Data and predictive analytics which help you predict the outcome of each acquisition scenario. Read more about how Big Data can reshape your fleet in our free whitepaper.