Buy Right: A Holistic Approach for Your Strategic Assets

For vocational fleet operators, the equipment and upfit you install on your trucks and vans transforms these vehicles into essential tools your front-line employees need to keep your business moving forward. But while on the surface it may seem as easy as simply installing a ladder rack or adding some storage units, getting the most out of your upfit – and in turn, your fleet vehicles – typically requires a holistic, strategic approach to design and acquisition.

Recently, Work Truck compiled an in-depth special report exploring the various aspects of the upfit process, delivering a comprehensive look at the entire lifecycle of these sophisticated vocational units. In the series of articles, Holman Enterprises’ Regional Engineering Mangers Jeff Klinghoffer and Kelly Klemisch offered their perspective on a variety of topics including common spec’ing mistakes to avoid and current trends in this sector of the industry.

Jeff and Kelly also provided some tips for designing and purchasing upfit solutions and highlighted some often overlooked aspects of the upfit lifecycle including the importance of preventive maintenance for this complex equipment.

“Fleet managers realize that adhering to a recommended PM schedule is vital to optimizing the vehicle’s lifecycle and controlling total cost of ownership. However, the same methodology also applies to a vehicle’s upfitting and equipment but preventative maintenance for these items is often overlooked,” notes Kelly.

In this article, Jeff touches on the value of strong partners throughout the supply chain. “If you find yourself in a cycle of constant change, always looking for the fastest or cheapest option, you’ll likely experience a greater number of disruptions that will certainly impact your fleet stakeholders,” says Jeff.

To read the entire special report, be sure to visit and to learn more about managing your fleet as a strategic investment, be sure to check out this interactive video series which offers a holistic look at the continuous lifecycle of your vehicles – buy, driver, service, and sell.