Chris Clarke Talks Analytics and the Customer Experience

Customer expectations continue to evolve across all facets of business, as consumers anticipate assistance faster than ever before with more personalized interaction. The fleet industry is no exception. It’s clear that a growing number of fleet operators desire a B2B buying experience that mirrors the ease of a typical retail transaction in their personal life.

ARI’s Manager of North American Remarketing Chris Clarke spoke with  Auto Remarketing for two separate articles recently. In his interviews, Chris shares how ARI’s focus on telematics and data are driving the future of both remarketing and our client relationships.

“Our goal is to continue to enhance the client experience,” says Chris in an article focused on customer-centric fleet management. Chris goes on to explain that ARI is able to create that elevated experience with the help of customer data and ARI’s telematics systems. Our engineered artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed us to study fleet and trends within the industry, leading to significant reductions in client turn times and major savings for the customer.

Chris dives further into the world of remarketing in his second article with Auto Remarketing, focused on upstream sales in the industry. Chris says that ARI continues to invest in the upstream market, which produces a better net return for the customer and can be a better value for the vehicle buyer as well.

He notes that the growth of virtual platforms have made upstream remarketing more accessible than ever, and that the data built through these platforms can lead to even bigger savings.

“The technology is evolving so rapidly for the way assets are being sold today. We’re leveraging machine learning and AI automation to help ensure we get the right asset to the right sales channel to improve the speed of sale and ultimately deliver the best net return for our clients,” Chris says.

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