Chris Conroy Shares his Thoughts on Green Targets and CAFE Standards

Chris Conroy, president and CEO for Holman Business Services and ARI, discussed how possible changes to CAFE standards affect the setup of fleet programs and selecting vehicles in a recent article published by Global Fleet: “U.S. Fleet Management companies on green targets and CAFE standards.”

Conroy noted: “Fleets want to develop an overall strategic approach, allowing for optimal TCO while sensibly incorporating sustainable strategies. We counsel them to first define their objectives, and then come up with a realistic plan to reduce emissions via measurable targets. CAFE standards and fuel efficiency are smaller pieces of a larger puzzle.” In addition to fuel cost savings, he suggested that fleet managers also focus on vehicle maintenance and getting the most out of their fleet data.

When asked how the Trump Administration’s plans to change the CAFE standards may affect business, he replied: “Regardless of whatever changes are proposed, our advice to clients remains the same, because it is based on existing best practices. Increasing fuel economy just makes good business sense, even at current lower fuel prices. That means having a strategic plan, optimizing the existing fleet, selecting the right vehicles for the job, deploying driver behavior program and reviewing the data to make sure targets are met.”

You can read the full post here.