Class 3-6 Truck Forecast: Operating Costs Stable

Despite the downward pressure on fuel costs and stable maintenance expenses, fleet costs still represent one of the top five expense line items for companies that operate fleets with Class 3-6 trucks. As such, pressure continues to emanate from senior management for fleet managers to reduce fleet costs. The constant goal is to reduce operating costs and increase profits.

In the November 2015 issue of Work Truck, the publication examined trends that would influence fleets throughout 2016 as they sought to reduce costs. While maintenance costs were found to be stable, costs for replacement tires was one area found to be variable, since the price of tires is dependent on commodity costs.

ARI’s Chris Foster, manger – truck and equipment, noted that the best way to lower tire replacement costs is to extend the tread life of existing tires. “Yard checks of vehicle tires continues to gain momentum. Having the tire vendor performing periodic checks of tire inflation, measurement of tread depths, on the spot repairs, and better overall scheduling of tire replacements, all result in reduced downtime, reduced roadside expense, and an overall reduction in vehicle cost.”

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