Data and Analytics are Changing How You Drive

We’ve all experienced information overload in this digital world. With data points coming in from every angle, how can you make sense of what is truly important for your company?

Just ask Greg Raven, ARI’s Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Raven spoke with Work Truck Online for a recent article leveraging big data in fleet management, sharing how telematics and data integration can make your fleet more efficient and cost-effective when used correctly.

Greg gave readers a look into analytics, sharing how the right programs can take your vehicle information and turn it into valuable content to drive your fleet into the future. He said that building a data road map can help you determine your goals and build out your information.

Identifying your main problems and moving forward from there helps you create predictive figures, leading to preemptive opportunities for training and development that can reduce your risk of accidents or additional costs.

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