Data to Intelligence: ARI Partners with Datamatics to Expedite Decision Making

Key to ARI’s strategic approach to solving complex fleet challenges is leveraging comprehensive analytics to transform data from merely insightful to genuinely impactful. To help effectively manage the wealth of information a fleet generates, ARI partners with industry leaders such as Datamatics to harness the power of Big Data and deliver custom solutions for our clients.

In a recent interview with CNBC, ARI’s Vice President of Information Technology Howie Spangler discussed the benefits of our long-standing partnership with Datamatics. Spangler noted that the numerous synergies of the two companies help to fuel innovation, which in turn, empowers ARI and our customers to make quicker, more informed business decisions.

To learn more about how ARI is leveraging technology to lower the total cost of ownership, be sure to watch this five-part video series or download our free white paper.