Don’t Drown in Big Data – Recognize What’s Next

Your fleet management data tracks everything you need, right? But when you stop to think about it, is that really what you need? Existing technology such as Big Data can produce search results that may make you feel overwhelmed. At the end of the day, tracking hundreds of key performance indicators (KPIs) may only hinder your work instead of help it.

What you really need is instant insight to know what to do next. This way you can log in to your system and see which vehicles are costing you the most money to your fleet budget now. For example, will a simple replacement suffice, or are the same brake components breaking down and you need to think about a completely new vehicle specification?

Big Data doesn’t have to be a big problem. ARI’s Director of Information Technology Don Woods shares four ways to avoid the big problems big data creates with E&P Magazine to develop an effective analytics strategy and take quick action.