Don’t rightsize your fleet out of opportunities when things stabilize

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted revenues for most companies. But you can’t just remove too many vehicles from your fleet in an effort to reduce costs. When the economy stabilizes and business starts to ratchet back up, you’ll miss vital regrowth opportunities because you’ll be under-prepared.

That’s the advice ARI Vice President, Global Strategic Services, Charles Guthro shares through the Utility Fleet Professional article, “How is the Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Fleet Rightsizing?”

The article points out that “traditionally, rightsizing is about understanding the values and measurements of the appropriate level of fleet utilization.” That strategy has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now companies are using right-sizing to strip out cost from the business.

Guthro suggests using telematics and advanced analytics as an alternative to removing vehicles from service. The insight gained into fleet performance allows companies to make better, data-driven decisions.

Read more of Guthro’s advice and a few examples of how utility fleets are adjusting their rightsizing strategies for keeping employees safe and ensuring productivity here.

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