Driver Training Goes Beyond Cost Reduction to Protect Your Fleet

Do you know how much fleet accidents are really costing your business? Every time one of your drivers gets behind the wheel, your company is vulnerable to repercussions that go far beyond just repairing a vehicle, especially if you’re not proactively addressing safety and driver behavior. To mitigate your corporate risk and control accident costs, you need to establish a corporate safety culture that protects both your employees and your business.

ARI’s Director of Product Management Rich Radi broke down the facts around driver accidents in a recent interview with International Fleet WorldIn the article, Rich discussed the elements around fleet and driver safety, and how a clear and concise safety policy can lead to long-term savings for fleets across the world.

Rich said that vehicle accidents cost businesses $60 billion every year, ranging in price from $16,500 to $500,000 for every incident.

“On average, approximately 20 percent of a company’s fleet will be involved in an accident each year and each incident results in substantial costs to your company,” explained Rich. Rich said that each incident goes beyond vehicle repairs and includes legal fees, medical bills, insurance costs and downtime.

The numbers around vehicle incidents are concerning, but they can also be improved with simple adjustments to your fleet safety policy. Rich said that telematics play a major part in helping drivers adjust their unsafe driving practices. Through telematics, fleet managers can monitor every driver decision, allowing you to identify high-risk behavior like harsh braking and speeding.

Rich noted that managing driver behavior changes the culture around your fleet, and can even reduce your crash rate potential by 40 to 60 percent. As your collisions and downtime decrease your drivers develop a standard of safety that helps the cycle continue.

Check out Rich’s interview by visiting International Fleet World. You can also learn more about how driver safety impacts your bottom line by visiting ARI’s interactive platform,