Driving the Bottom Line in Pharma Business International

Pharma Business International highlights the significance of effective planning within pharmaceutical fleets with ARI’s very own director of vehicle supply chain for North America, Partha Ghosh. The recent article, “Driving the Bottom Line,” explains that within a pharmaceutical company, fleet is one of the most expensive assets and tracking its data is imperative.

The size of a pharma sales fleet can range anywhere from the average of 1,000 vehicles to five times that number. But as technologies and vehicles are evolving, newer models are constantly entering the market while the value of older models is on a steady decline. Ghosh emphasizes a strategic planning strategy that maximizes the useful life of a vehicle is vital.

ARI tracks a vehicle’s history over the course of its entire lifespan. Analyzing issues, fuel and repair costs while also acknowledging the cost of the downtime from servicing a vehicle are just some of the myriad of factors that are looked at when making strategic replacement decisions. Ghosh reiterates that planning throughout every phase can only reap positive effects to a company’s bottom line.

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