Eighteen Ways to Improve the Upfit Planning Process

Complex vocational fleets rely on vehicles to not only get employees from point A to point B, but these assets also become a critical tool for a company, government, or utility to get the job done.

Upfitting a vehicle to perform the demanding work asked of it at the lowest cost per mile can be a daunting task for fleet managers. Many times, this is a place where fleets can lose efficiencies and unknowingly increase their overall cost of ownership.

Work Truck magazine assembled a “dream team” of subject matter experts to identify recommendations related to the upfit planning and specification process. Five of ARI’s subject matter experts including Charlie Guthro, vice president, North American fleet management, Chris Foster, manager, truck and equipment, three regional truck managers, and a truck spec analyst shared their knowledge and expertise to help fleet managers make informed decisions.

In part one of a two part series, experts identified eighteen ways to improve the planning process. To view the article, click here.