Electric Vehicles Lead to a Charged Optimism in Fleet

Electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t a new innovation in the world of automotive retail, and as we drive further into the 21st century, the popularity of EVs is growing among consumers. But what does that mean for fleet? The cost and functionality of electric vehicles has many wondering if there is the potential to incorporate EVs into their fleet mix , and when that is a real possibility. How do you know when your fleet is ready to have the EV conversation?

That’s the question that ARI’s Vice President of North American Supply Chain Ted Davis set out to answer in his recent interview with Utility Fleet Professional. Ted was among a select few fleet professionals to share his optimism with the future of EVs in fleet.

In the article, Davis pointed to the success of energy companies like Chanje, a California-based energy OEM, which has seen a boon in electric van order requests across the country. With this surge, Ted said that the fleet industry is at the forefront of these new vehicle roll-outs, which will give fleet managers a gauge of just how useful EVs can be in the working world.

While cost and application across a variety of vehicles remains a concern, Ted said he’s optimistic about the future of electric fleets, particularly related to utility devices like bucket trucks and aerial devices that are proving to be more cost-efficient and user friendly. Ted also pointed to the evolution of battery technology and OEM innovation as developments to watch as we get closer to plugging in full-time.

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