Embrace the innovation surging through the auto industry

ARI President Bob White has a grasp on how today’s technological advancements in the automotive industry will influence other businesses including insurance, the health care industry, real estate and more.

In his keynote presentation at the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance 2018 Spring Roundtable in Las Vegas, Bob talked about how technological advancements are affecting wholesale vehicle remarketing, the growth of ride-hailing services, the continued expansion of alternative fuel vehicles, and the development of autonomous vehicles. His strongest advice was that companies should position themselves to keep up with innovation in order to remain relevant in their industries.

He said, “I think the greatest danger we all face today is not in not knowing what to do and it’s not in doing the wrong things, necessarily, it’s in doing nothing at all.”

Bob based his advice on the example of parent company to ARI, Holman Enterprises, which reviewed its business strategy in 2017 and realized that adapting to disruptive forces is integral to meeting client expectations and demands.

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