Europe Embraces Open-End Leasing

Considered to be the common leasing strategy in Europe, closed-end leasing consists of a monthly fixed fee that covers all asset interest rates, expenses and depreciation. ARI’s Majk Strika and Mark Bryan recently sat down with Fleet Financials to discuss how ARI is challenging the status quo and offering a transparent leasing model in Europe: open-end leases.

Open-end leasing in the UK and Germany improves visibility into fleet operations and costs. “To me, one of the benefits of an open-end lease model is the flexibility that it provides. The client is in control of their asset. If they want to terminate the lease early, they have the flexibility of doing that with no penalty,” said Mark Bryan, senior vice president of European operations, ARI.

Additional research detailing the future of leasing in the UK and Germany can be found in recently published white papers from ARI. Mark Bryan also shared how the UK and Germany are shifting from complacency to transparency in his latest blog post.