Finding Your Perfect Fit in Fleet Investment

For many businesses, investments in fleet management don’t come complete with a cookie cutter approach. But how do you know if you’re making the best decision for your company’s future? According to Holman Enterprises Executive Vice President and CFO Chris Hurren, key pieces of your business’ established data can shape your fleet management strategy and help find the right direction for your business.

Hurren shared his insights in a recent Food & Drink International column, noting that a clear analysis of your business as an individual entity can make all the difference in your fleet management decisions. By breaking down factors like your short- and long-term goals, financial capital and asset management, Hurren says that your business can successfully create an independent fleet management strategy.

Many times, the fleet solution you envisioned may not be what you settle on. Hurren stresses that leasing has become an appealing alternative with the help of data studies in fleet management. Check out our whitepaper to find out more on how data affects a leasing or purchasing decision.